Study Tries to Answer This Question: What is the best diet?

What is the very best diet? It seems like the debate never ends. Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine actually did a head-to-head comparison, an interventional trial, putting people on different types of diets. And what did they find? Watch the video above to find out.

Source: Dr. Perlmutter MD

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Low Carb Diet In The News

The benefits of a low carbohydrate  diet and the harmful effects of sugar have been in the Rethink Logo-page-001news a lot lately. Here are a few interesting articles.

A low-carbohydrate diet is better for losing weight and may also be better for lowering the risk of heart disease than a low-fat diet, according to a new study.


High sugar consumption rate in India a threat to public health. Read more at

Clinton_Bill 235x

How Bill Clinton Lost Weight by Cutting Sugar and Eating Clean! Read more at:

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Sara, 22 Lost 40.6LBS with Pro Energy


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Introducing Pro Energy

pro energy logo

When the phone rang eight weeks ago I never quite realized how one phone call can impact and change everything. My body, my self esteem and the business… whoosh doorways previously blocked were now opened as if by magic.

Zelous Medi Spa

Thanks to a wonderful lady in Winnipeg from Zealous Medi Spa; I’ve had the privilege of working with Jessica for five years now so when she said Helen there something I need you to check out. Once id established it wasn’t MLM (multilevel marketing) as that’s something that never has been a strength or interest for me. Jessica had my full attention, after 1 email full of info and an hour long phone conversation I was fully engaged…

Pro Energy

Pro-Energy had entered my life on all levels, personal family and business. Everyone who knows me know how much I’ve struggled with my weight up and down I’ve lost the same 30lbs too many times to count. After having my son at 44, he’s now 7 1⁄2 (let’s pretend I didn’t just tell everyone my age, laughing) then hitting menopause and a company to run, id pretty much given up the hope of seeing the 160′s again which I was when I moved to BC.

Then came Pro-Energy an advanced protein program which gives you four Pro Energy products and normal food a day. You can even have fruit and cheese, as well as a nice chilled glass of white wine, it is summer after all.

After Six Weeks

After 6 weeks of Pro Energy, chips , cookies, omelets, chilli’s, peanut butter bars and cappuccinos, I am now in San Diego writing this on vacation 32lbs down… having come back from the outlet mall after 2 hours of joyous fun trying on new clothes. Where the only choice was do I really need it, not oh gosh I look like a whale and thinking that nothing but shoes fit..


Its changed me, my 22 year old daughter Sarah has outdone my 32lbs and lost over 43lbs. Read her story on our next blog and we now have our spa partners introducing it to their clients with amazing results, showing both Sarah and my results weren’t an isolated fluke..

Ready To Go?

So, if you are tired of struggling with your weight, if you’re ready to release at least 20lbs in the next six weeks or you look around your clients and know this is something they need even if it doesn’t apply to you, then call us for information and to find if Pro Energy is the answer you’ve been looking for 604-298-1189 or 1-877-298-1189

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Welcome to Summer!

Summer-Backgrounds-with-light-vector-dot-01Finally the dull dreary days of winter are behind us and the promise of summer with sun drenched long days spent at the beach and BBQ’s draws close, bringing with it the promise of lots less clothes…eeeeeekkkkkk most of us cry.

As the seasons change this is a really great time to stop, take a breath and re-fresh and re-new your spa. Just a few simple changes can completely have your clients going WOW and looking at your space with fresh eyes. Even better try and make the changes on the day when the spa is closed for even more impact….

1. Change around your retail – Bring to the front summer items

- Sun products for face body and hair
- Hydrating moisturizers
- Bright summer polishes

Make up a unique summer pack and wrap prettily adding some toy sunglasses can really add that fun element.

2. Change around your posters.

People stop seeing them after a while so BRIGHT FRESH NEW ONES can really have an impact as people view them with renewed interest and purpose.

3 Change some simple décor items,

- Throw pillows
- Towels
- A new flowering plant or display all have an amazing impact for a small outlay.

4. Create some SUMMER PACKAGES

Sizzle for Summer could be 3 Universal Contour Wraps
10 Eurowaves
Mani and pedi

Shimmer at Sunset could be Hair cut and colour
Mani and pedi

Let your imagination run free, then post it on Facebook, your own blog, print it on bright paper and attach it to the receipt of every client leaving for maximum impact. It is amazing how many clients leave not realizing what other services you offer, so never assume they know.

If your contouring treatments have been quiet after the early burst of New Year enthusiasm, now is the time to take them out, brush them off, and get them to the forefront of your menus because without question clients will be spending money on looking their best this summer season. Let’s make sure that by combining visual interest at the spa with education by therapists and your social media efforts, that they know ALL the great services you have to offer, so that those “looking fabulous dollars” stay well and truly in your spa.

New posters are available for EUROWAVE AND UNIVERSAL CONTOUR WRAP ….just ask and we will willingly send them to you.

Have a fabulous summer,


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New UCW Marketing Program On The Way!

Helen Hodgson, Director of Body Beautiful Canada Ltd. announces a new approach to marketing the Universal Contour Wrap. On the way are Email templates and Social Media content.

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Body Wrap at the Opal Spa and Laser Centre

Helen Hodgson, Director at Body Beautiful sits down with Ebony Marconato, owner of Opal Spa and Laser Centre in Coquitlam, BC to discuss her Spa’s recent success with the Universal Contour Wrap and how to market it.


One of the things that led Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre to offer the Universal Contour Wrap to her clients was the results she experienced using the wrap. Ebony has experienced a phenomenal amount of inch loss herself losing a total of 34 inches during her course of body wrap treatments.

The Universal Contour Wrap also fits into Ebony’s Spa’s wellness philosophy. She is excited about the detoxification and extra energy she is finding her client’s experience using the body wrap along with the inch loss.

Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre

Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre

The Spa industry is evolving and Opal Spa and Laser Center is helping to lead the way in this wellness evolution. At Opal Spa they care about their clients well-being offering helpful recipes, and working with other wellness practitioners like massage therapists and Reiki practitioners.

Photo’s of Opal Spa on Pinterest ~ CLICK HERE

One client at Opal Spa achieved an inch loss total of 17 and 5/8 inches in one wrap! An Opal Spa staff member has also lost over 30 inches during the course of her body wrap treatments.

Marketing The Universal Contour Wrap

Ebony finds it helpful for her staff to experience the Universal Contour Wrap to help them to spread the word about the wrap and how well it works. Ebony also markets the wrap with Social Media and email. Adding mini services while clients are in the wrap adds to the experience of the wrap and helps her Spa’s profitability.



During this interview Ebony and Helen discuss the importance of helping body wrap clients relax which has proven to help with detoxification and inch loss.

To find out more about Opal Spa and Laser Center ~ CLICK HERE

To talk to Helen about ordering The Universal Contour Wrap for your spa and the exciting revenue generating possibilities ~ call 1-877-298-1117 or CLICK HERE

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Moving Sale!

were moving 2 601x

were moving big sale 605x

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The UCW Gets Some Press

The Universal Contour Wrap received some good press lately in the UK magazine “Woman’s Own.” See the article below.

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3 Tips To Make January Great!

by Helen Hodgson

January for Spa Owners without sufficient planning can be a nightmare. You need to have to plan for January just like you did in December.

Here are 3 things to help your January go a little smoother:

ONE Remember your client’s credit card bills and have a plan. If you don’t have a plan people aren’t going to be spending money at your spa. They are going to be redeeming the gift cards you sold to them in December, so make sure you have a plan for gift voucher clients.

They could be new clients: what are you going to do to have them come back after their first appointment?

What is your up-sell? If they are a pedicure or facial client, what retail products can you sell them?

You have to have a plan so that the gift card is not the only thing they are investing in. If all people are doing is redeeming gift cards, it is going to be a long painful month.

TWO – Get on the phone. It may be a little quiet right now, so give your people 10 VIP clients to call. Say something like: “I hope you had a great holiday, things are starting to fill up and we are calling as a courtesy to see when you are coming back? When can we book your first appointment of the year?”

If you don’t call and book them for an appointment now, they are going to wait for their credit card statement and wait even longer to book, so those personal phone calls are imperative.

THREE – What is most people’s New Year’s resolution? “I need to lose inches, and fast.” Good news: this is the time of year that our industry does make money. If you have any kind of inch loss treatment to offer you have to be prepared. Send those emails, and make those phone calls – NOW!

Make a plan, get on the phones, help people lose the inches they acquired while they pigged out at all of the Holiday parties they went to. These three things should get you through January and make it a great month.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to working with you in 2013!

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