New UCW Marketing Program On The Way!

Helen Hodgson, Director of Body Beautiful Canada Ltd. announces a new approach to marketing the Universal Contour Wrap. On the way are Email templates and Social Media content.

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Body Wrap at the Opal Spa and Laser Centre

Helen Hodgson, Director at Body Beautiful sits down with Ebony Marconato, owner of Opal Spa and Laser Centre in Coquitlam, BC to discuss her Spa’s recent success with the Universal Contour Wrap and how to market it.


One of the things that led Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre to offer the Universal Contour Wrap to her clients was the results she experienced using the wrap. Ebony has experienced a phenomenal amount of inch loss herself losing a total of 34 inches during her course of body wrap treatments.

The Universal Contour Wrap also fits into Ebony’s Spa’s wellness philosophy. She is excited about the detoxification and extra energy she is finding her client’s experience using the body wrap along with the inch loss.

Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre

Ebony from Opal Spa and Laser Centre

The Spa industry is evolving and Opal Spa and Laser Center is helping to lead the way in this wellness evolution. At Opal Spa they care about their clients well-being offering helpful recipes, and working with other wellness practitioners like massage therapists and Reiki practitioners.

Photo’s of Opal Spa on Pinterest ~ CLICK HERE

One client at Opal Spa achieved an inch loss total of 17 and 5/8 inches in one wrap! An Opal Spa staff member has also lost over 30 inches during the course of her body wrap treatments.

Marketing The Universal Contour Wrap

Ebony finds it helpful for her staff to experience the Universal Contour Wrap to help them to spread the word about the wrap and how well it works. Ebony also markets the wrap with Social Media and email. Adding mini services while clients are in the wrap adds to the experience of the wrap and helps her Spa’s profitability.



During this interview Ebony and Helen discuss the importance of helping body wrap clients relax which has proven to help with detoxification and inch loss.

To find out more about Opal Spa and Laser Center ~ CLICK HERE

To talk to Helen about ordering The Universal Contour Wrap for your spa and the exciting revenue generating possibilities ~ call 1-877-298-1117 or CLICK HERE

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Moving Sale!

were moving 2 601x

were moving big sale 605x

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The UCW Gets Some Press

The Universal Contour Wrap received some good press lately in the UK magazine “Woman’s Own.” See the article below.

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3 Tips To Make January Great!

by Helen Hodgson

January for Spa Owners without sufficient planning can be a nightmare. You need to have to plan for January just like you did in December.

Here are 3 things to help your January go a little smoother:

ONE Remember your client’s credit card bills and have a plan. If you don’t have a plan people aren’t going to be spending money at your spa. They are going to be redeeming the gift cards you sold to them in December, so make sure you have a plan for gift voucher clients.

They could be new clients: what are you going to do to have them come back after their first appointment?

What is your up-sell? If they are a pedicure or facial client, what retail products can you sell them?

You have to have a plan so that the gift card is not the only thing they are investing in. If all people are doing is redeeming gift cards, it is going to be a long painful month.

TWO – Get on the phone. It may be a little quiet right now, so give your people 10 VIP clients to call. Say something like: “I hope you had a great holiday, things are starting to fill up and we are calling as a courtesy to see when you are coming back? When can we book your first appointment of the year?”

If you don’t call and book them for an appointment now, they are going to wait for their credit card statement and wait even longer to book, so those personal phone calls are imperative.

THREE – What is most people’s New Year’s resolution? “I need to lose inches, and fast.” Good news: this is the time of year that our industry does make money. If you have any kind of inch loss treatment to offer you have to be prepared. Send those emails, and make those phone calls – NOW!

Make a plan, get on the phones, help people lose the inches they acquired while they pigged out at all of the Holiday parties they went to. These three things should get you through January and make it a great month.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and we are looking forward to working with you in 2013!

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Seasons Greetings!

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Gentle Wellness – Look Out World Here We Come!

Look Out World He We Come
by Suzanne Childre

“This year can’t be almost over….when we look back at how much we have done we certainly can see where our time went, but we want more …Time,  Money, Equipment and Room.  It is all ours in 2013. We will be ready for our Spa area to soar this year has been securing our foundation.  Look out world here we come!

Instead of The Gym
“We love having the Universal Contour Wrap and the Eurowave and can’t wait for the Juvanesse to come. When clients have a wrap before their colonics their lymph is stimulated and releases are deeper and easier. We have many clients that start and end their cleanses with the wrap and do Eurowave with each colonic for toning instead of going to the gym.  We have some that just do wraps and Eurowave without any colonics.”

Detoxifyinng Approach
“We find that it helps to offer more services so if they aren’t ready for a colonic at least they are coming in, promoting the center and helping with income. The detoxifying approach is the selling point with our colonic clients. When someone comes in feeling bloated with very tight pants after their services they leave with room to spare and a smile on their face. We always have them do the wrap before the colonic as they are so hydrated and being wrapped and unable to use the restroom can be an issue.

Client Testimonial
“When I did the wrap and Eurowave with you I lost 11 inches and went down a pant size and have still not got any of it back in over 6 months.  My weight has been constant and easier to hold since then also.”

Suzanne Childre
Gentle Wellness Center
Santa Monica, California

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3 Tips to Increase Sales Through Christmas for The New Year

Most spas don’t struggle with sales during the Holiday Season. If Spa Owners are smart, they had their sales and marketing plan together well before the Holiday Season began and are seeing the fruits of their planning right now. The problem is January is coming which is typically a down time for spas because potential clients are broke from spending all of their hard earned money on Holiday shopping and festivities.

How do you prepare for the January sales dip?

1_ Don’t stop networking through the Holidays…kind of.

With all the parties and events going on, Christmas time is a great time to network and keep the hopper full of potential new clients for the New Year. Exercise a little caution however, and be mindful of the setting you are in. People don’t generally like to be sold at parties and family events. Well, they actually never like to be sold, but that’s a different story. Make it your goal during the holidays to meet people and find out as much you can about them. Put your Dale Carnegie hat on and be interested and interesting. At events, help out and serve. Play the co-host if possible and help people to feel welcome and connected. If a connection is made and someone asks you about your business and the services you offer, then fine, exchange cards, otherwise enjoy the event, the season, and spending time with people.

See Helen’s Tips for Getting Your Spa Ready For Christmas

2_ Keep your social media presence up to date.

Social Media and our websites can get neglected during the holidays and this is something that can affect sales in the long term. The holiday season is a great time for quick updates about specials, and parities (using your best discretion, of course), and mention of the special things you are doing in the community. For example, Body Beautiful is involved in the Toy Drive this year. For every box of clay sold they are donating $15 to the Toy Drive. Now their reason for doing this was truly altruistic: they simply wanted to help out. On the flip side, to their surprise, the campaign is creating lots of good will with their clients and leading to positive social media engagement which will have an effect that will last into the New Year as people “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and re-pin their pins from this campaign on Pinterest.

See Tamara’s Tips On Getting Your Spa Ready For Christmas

3_ Plan now for Valentine’s Day and Gift Card Redemptions.

Helen will have more to say about this in a later post, but now is the time to plan for Valentine’s Day and for gift card redemptions. When people come in to redeem their Holiday Gift Card, be ready with an irresistible offer and something else they can bring home to their partner to buy them for Valentine’s Day. My Dad who is a super salesman says “Never leave a meeting with a client, or a prospect without booking your next appointment.” In the case of spa sales, a client should never leave your spa without their next appointment booked, and something in their hand having to do with your next seasonal promotion.

Happy Holidays!

Rod Janz
The Big Buzz Factory

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[VIDEOS] Toy Drive and Much More!

Toy Drive

Body Beautiful is donating $15 towards the Christmas Toy Drive for each clay order they receive during the month of December. Order today 1-877-298-1117.

We have already begun this promotion and we are overwhelmed by how much our spas care ! Giving back is wonderful !!! Thank you SO much to EVERYONE for helping those less fortunate…A BIG thank you to Trinity Salon, Burnaby for making the biggest donation so far ! Trinity Salon & Spa & Spa Utopia & Fabufit Body & Contouring & MANY MORE…

Christmas Marketing

You may have already begun getting your spa ready for Christmas, but whether you have or haven’t begun there are some great ideas in the two videos below provided by spa industry experts Helen Hodgson and Tamara Hughes.

Marketing Tips For Spas This Christmas

The Top Three Things You Can Do To Get Your Spa Ready For Christmas

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A Great Week of Body Contouring in Texas

Dr. Sean Wengroff MD MPH


As I stepped off the plane and it was 29 degrees I knew instantly this was going to be a great week. No rain and grey skies just Palm trees and beautiful people, and of course a few oil refineries, well I am in Texas after all.

Dr Sean Wengroff MD MPH

I was here to train and share in the joy of a realization of a life’s ambition. Dr Sean Wengroff MD MPH was launching his first Body Transformation Centre, “League City Inch Loss”. For over 10 years Dr Sean (as he is known to his patients) has had the honour of being one of the most loved and respected OBGYN’s in the Houston area, but he had always had a dream, a vision to create a centre where through healthy non invasive treatments his patients could transform their bodies, sculpt their curves and bask in their new found confidence.

League City Inch Loss Opens Its Doors

On Friday 9th November the doors opened to League City Inch Loss, and the response was overwhelming. A large banner proclaiming Non Invasive Results driven treatments, had people stopping us before we could even walk through the door or unload the car….the buzz had started.

Dr Sean Wengroff and Ashley with the Juvanesse Ultrasonic

After three days of meeting everyone from stay at home mums, to NASA engineers it made me realize that Texas is full of some of the nicest people I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. But like the rest of North America lifestyle and life’s obstacles have them struggling to look how they want to look. Well under the gentle guidance of Dr Sean and his lovely assistant Ashley their journey to Body Transformation is begun, and I for one cant wait to go back and check on how they are doing…. With the merging of the Juvanesse Ultrasonic and Eurowave Pro we were seeing amazing Body Contouring results, inches were melting before our eyes. One Patient lost a staggering 7” from her waist and tummy, needless to say she was one happy lady when she left.

If you are close to Houston…

So if your skinny jeans are getting tight and your close to Houston, go say hi to Dr Sean and League City Inch Loss and let them give you that helping hand to get you back where you want to be.

Helen Hodgson
Director ~ Body Beautiful Canada Ltd.
Tel 604 298 1189 or 1-877 298 1117
Fax 604 298 1145

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